For A Season of Struggle: 1/27 – 5/1


An International Call to Action from the Outlive Them Network

#January27 #Passover5779 #MayDay2019 #YomHaShoah5779

#OutliveThem #LosSobreviviremos #NousAllonsLeurSurvivre #MirVelnZeyIberlebn

This fall, we called for a global wave of action for a future without fascism and a world without pogroms. 18+ cities in 7 countries responded with street demonstrations, banner drops, public proclamations, school occupations, popular education projects, and autonomous direct actions.

Now, Jewish antifascists worldwide are ready to organize for collective self-defense and self-determination, with our ancestors at our backs, our allies at our side, and the fascists in our sights. In the process, we will continue to (re)build an international network of anti-fascist Jews, allies, and accomplices.

Today, the Outlive Them Network is calling for another global wave of action, beginning this month with International Holocaust Remembrance Day and continuing through Passover 5779, and May Day 2019 (which will mark Yom HaShoah as well as International Workers’ Day).

We remember how the West closed its doors to our ancestors, condemning them to die in the ghettos and concentration camps of Nazi-occupied Europe. We recall our peoples’ histories of resistance against those who sought to exterminate us.

We stand in unconditional solidarity with survivors of genocidal violence today, including the asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border, refugees from wars of the West’s making in the Middle East, peoples of African and indigenous descent around the world, and survivors of the Shoah.

In this spirit, we are calling for Jewish antifascists everywhere to take action on the following days. Each will build on the others, culminating in a campaign that aims to strike fascism at the root:  the governments that sanction it, the institutions that bless it, and the businesses that profit from it.

  • April 19 – 27:  Passover 5779 and the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, when, with your help, we will produce, translate, and disseminate an Antifascist Haggadah for use at Struggle Seders and street actions.
  • May 1:  May Day 2019 and Yom HaShoah 5779, when we will assemble by the tens, the hundreds, and the thousands to remember our martyrs, reaffirm our solidarity with all peoples in resistance, and recommit to the fight against fascism, racism, and carceral capitalism.

* * * * *

Here are some ideas for actions or activities to get started:

Mark your calendars for January 27, March 8 and 16, April 19, and May 1!

Call your people to action on these dates, in solidarity with the Outlive Them Network and with antifascists everywhere. Attend an assembly, action, or cultural event in your area — or call one of your own. Invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, comrades, congregants.

Reach out to others on the frontlines of the fight against fascism, against racism, and against anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and xenophobic violence. Then, together, come up with the strategy best suited to your community.

Share images, stories, and dispatches with your social networks and with #OutliveThem. Write to us with questions, needs, dreams, and schemes.

Be safe, be smart, and be dangerous. We ask that all who answer this call be prepared to support one another in the event of arrest, detention, or repression. | @outlivethem |

#January27 #Passover5779 #MayDay2019 #YomHaShoah5779

#OutliveThem #LosSobreviviremos #NousAllonsLeurSurvivre #MirVelnZeyIberlebn